Alexander Granovsky Letters

Alexander A. Granovsky, 1910

Seven letters were selected from the Granovsky* Papers. They were written in Ukrainian by Alexander A. Granovsky's brother Serhii Neprytsky (6 letters) and sister Lida (one letter). This one-sided correspondence is from Berezhtsi, Ukraine to various cities in the USA where Granovsky lived.

The selected letters date from 1913-1939. These long and detailed letters describe their moving, emotional and loving sibling relationship despite the distance between them. In the correspondence Serhii describes their daily life, problems of their farmstead, family life, death of their parents and loneliness, evacuation and loss of their home and land during WWI, desperation and hardship of starting life all over, and hopes in seeing Granovsky once again. The strong sibling relationship is shown in the Jan. 12, 1939 letter, "Well now Loving Brother we will continue living like we lived, in brotherly love and united. We must remember how our parents loved and cared for us, and that is how we should love and respect one another and even if to at least converse often by letter."

*The family name is Neprytsky-Hranovsky. In America, Alexander Granovsky dropped the Neprytsky name and kept only Granovsky, possibly for practical purposes and clarity or when he became a US citizen. However, in all his writings, poetry, and correspondence in Ukrainian he always signed his name as Oleksander Nepryts'kyi-Hranovs'kyi (actual transliteration of the Ukrainian name).